About us

AUDIT CENTER VARNA OOD is a company registered in June 2008. The company is represented by the Certified Public Accountants Aneliya Lyutskanova and Martina Koleva. The main activity includes wide range of consulting services in accounting, finances and taxation.

Objectives and mission

  • Our business is to serve business. Our knowledge and experience mean that we speak the language of business.
  • Our approach is based on mutual trust and partnership - that is the core of our Code of Ethics.
  • We believe that our advices provide perspective for our clients' businesses, adding more to what they can individually do for themselves.
  • What really distinguishes a professional service from another is the ability to turn perspectives into results. Our advices help our clients to become better at what they do. Perspective also means a look ahead, not just staring at the past.
  • We constantly strive to maintain professional, effective approach and the highest standards of quality services provided to our clients.
  • At Audit Center Varna we have decided to be a leading consulting company which consistently exceeds the expectations of those who we care most about - our clients. Our leading objective is to develop a specific and individual approach to the services we provide to our clients.


Our knowledge, skills and experience in finance, taxation, accounting and auditing enable us to deliver high quality services based on the most accurate understanding and interpretation of regulations and implementation of the best European practice. Our professionals and partners, who we work together with, have an excellent knowledge of the International Financial Reporting Standards and the national accounting legislation and the opportunities for their best application in terms of the national economy.

Audit Center Varna is a consulting company that offers the following services:

  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements under IFRS and NAS
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Review and assessment of accounting and internal control systems
  • Day-to-day maintenance of accounting records
  • Consultation on the development and application of appropriate accounting policy and selection of accounting staff
  • Consultations on the application of international agreements for the avoidance of double taxation
  • Tax and legal consulting, tax planning and optimization of finance companies
  • Consulting assistance with the annual closing of accounts and preparation of interim and annual financial statements
  • Legal, financial, tax and accounting inquiries in the purchase of companies
  • Consultation on transformation of companies

The guiding principles of our audit methodology are the following:

  • - independence, honesty, objectivity;
  • - professional competence and due care;
  • - confidentiality;
  • - professional and ethical attitude towards clients.


Till 2020 we was providing audit to the following major companies:

  • Intercapital Holding AD, Varna and the economic group of companies of the holding, which includes 16 different companies with activities in the field of information technology, financial services, manufacturing and investment in real estate;
  • CBA AD, Varna - retail - supermarkets CBA;
  • CBA Beloslav OOD - retail - supermarkets CBA;
  • Automotor Varna AD – service and trade in Citroen vehicles;
  • Tranchev OOD – Shumen- retail - supermarkets Bul Mag;
  • Agiva OOD - wholesale of cosmetics;
  • Biolandes Bulgariе EOOD - producer of essential oils;
  • Rainbow Bulgaria EOOD - tradе with cleaning systems;
  • United broker OOD - insurance broker;
  • Economou International Shipping Agencies EOOD - Linear and ship agency.
  • KTK EOOD - transport services
  • Narval Trading - homebuilding enterprise

Our team

Our team is our main strength and is composed of qualified and highly motivated professionals with a master's degree in accounting and with the necessary professional knowledge of the accounting, commercial, insurance and tax legislation. They have extensive experience in accounting and auditing and have been involved in the performance of multiple audits and reviews of financial statements.

Martina Koleva - CPA, manager and partner of Audit Center Varna OOD. Part of the company team since 2009. She received her Master’s degree in Accounting and Control from the University of Economics - Varna in 2008. She has more than 15 years of accounting and auditing experience. She is a registered auditor and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Bulgaria since 2019;

Aneliya Lyutskanova - CPA, manager, co-founder and partner of Audit Center Varna OOD since 2008. She is a registered auditor and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Bulgaria since 1999;

She graduated from the University of Economics - Varna, majoring in Accounting and Control in 1982. She has over 10 years experience as chief accountant and more than 20 years as Certified Public Accountant.

She audited companies in the field of construction, commerce, manufacturing, services and others.


We believe that the key factor to success is the motivated, ambitious and well-prepared team. Therefore, we work hard to support our clients in the selection and recruitment of the best professionals in accounting, finance and internal control.

We will be glad to consider, ask for a meeting and discuss your application.

To apply with us, please send a cover letter and a CV to this e-mail: office@auditvarna.com.


We enjoy a long and successful professional relationship with the following partners:

  • Tax com OOD – legal consulting company
  • Audit Company Dobrevi OOD – audit company
  • Svrakov & Milev OOD – audit company
  • Viyan EOOD – specialized accounting company

Together with our partners we work in teams to provide comprehensive consulting support to our clients, which ensures comprehensiveness of services.


9002 Varna, Bulgaria

7 Sava Radulov Sreet, floor 2, studio 4


e-mail: office@auditvarna.com